HH Ferries Group opens LAT56° Bistrobar on the Hamlet ferry

The region’s new meeting place features delicious foods, great wines and cocktails – as well as Öresund’s best view

Residents of Helsingborg and Helsingör will have an entirely new dining and meeting place when HH Ferries Group welcomes guests at LAT56° Bistrobar on the Hamlet ferry.

The bistro will become the region’snew quality spot for meeting with family, friends or business relations, and the perfect setting for new fantastic culinary experiences.

With LAT56° Bistrobar, HH Ferries Group puts a new and ambitious restaurant on the map with a great offering catering to the region’s large target group demanding a high culinary level, great wines and cocktails in an appealing atmosphere – and with the region’s best and varying view of Öresund.

“We are setting a high level of ambition for our new bistrobar as a lot of our customers have requested a specialised and exquisite offering on Öresund. We have therefore made an effort to accommodate these requests with an exciting menu, which includes vegetarian courses, and a high quality level in terms of wines and cocktails. As we are also offering first-class décor and service, we will provide customers with the experience and atmosphere they have asked for,” said CEO of HH Ferries Group Johan Röstin.

The realisation of the new bistro concept has progressed to plan, and at a minor closed rehearsal yesterday, the invited guests were thrilled to experience the unique atmosphere featuring delicious foods, wines, cocktails and great service.

“We look forward to 7 February where we open the doors to LAT56° Bistrobar to an audience demanding a unique culinary and enthralling experience on Öresund – whether you are looking for the right setting for a lunch meeting or a special evening with your partner, family or friends,” said Johan Röstin.

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