A green gateway to the continent

HH Ferries offers a green gate to the continent, more specifically charging stations that will provide electric cars with energy in connection with the ferry crossing for Swedish and Danish travelers.

“We are very pleased that we can now offer the opportunity for our passengers to charge their electric cars in connection with crossing Öresund. This is another step in creating a green corridor across the sound and at the same time contributing to fossil free transportation,” says CEO Johan Röstin, HH FerriesGroup.

New efficient charging stations have been installed at the ferry port in Helsingborg. HH Ferries is now taking the next step in its ambition to contribute to a fossil free future. The ferries are are converted to battery operation and now car drivers who take the ferries across the sound can also charge their electric car before departure; a great way for environmentally conscious drivers to cross the sound.

“The initiative also contributes to the ambitions for a fossil free Helsingborg, as residential residents in the immediate area also have access to the charging stations,” says Johan Röstin.

The opening of the new charging stations takes place on May 25 in conjunction with the Nordics’ largest electric car Rally 2018. 50 electric cars of many different car brands and nationalities will participate in the rally.

“The cooperation with HH Ferries is truly fantastic. The size of the charging station makes it the largest car brand independent charging station for fast charging in Sweden. On top of that, these fast chargers combine two sustainable means of transportation. This demonstrates a great commitment to sustainability issues and that HH Ferries Group really takes it seriously when it comes to contributing to the conversion to fossil free transportation,” says CEO Fredrik Nordin, Clever Sweden.


For further information:
Johan Röstin, CEO HH Ferries AB, phone +46 42 18 60 00


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