HH Ferries Group owns the ferry route between Helsingborg and Helsingör, which is marketed under the trademark Scandlines Helsingborg-Helsingör. With departures every fifteen minutes and a travel time of 20 minutes, 5 ferries transport up to 50,000 passengers and 9,000 cars as well as 1,600 buses and trucks across Öresund on a daily basis.

The inauguration of Tycho Brahe as battery-driven ferry on Helsingborg-Helsingör is cancelled

Due to technical problems, the commissioning of Tycho Brahe as the world’s largest battery-driven ferry on the Helsingborg-Helsingör route has been delayed.

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Continued progress in freight traffic and the battery conversion project

The positive development in the number of transferred trucks continued in Q1 2017. The number of transported cars and passengers declined, primarily due to the timing of Easter in Q2 this year against Q1 last year. The seasonal impact during Easter is significant and complicates the assessment of the effect of the changed traffic pattern in the region. Both Tycho Brahe and Aurora completed preparatory dockings ahead of their final conversion to battery operation without impacting service or regularity.


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