HH Ferries Group owns the ferry route between Helsingborg and Helsingör, which is marketed under the trademark Scandlines Helsingborg-Helsingör. With departures every fifteen minutes and a travel time of 20 minutes, 5 ferries transport up to 50,000 passengers and 9,000 cars as well as 1,600 buses and trucks across Öresund on a daily basis.

Scandlines Helsingborg-Helsingör expands capacity

On 1 December, Scandlines Helsingborg-Helsingör expands capacity when Hamlet’s sailing schedule is expanded by five hours daily. The expansion is driven by increasing demand from the route’s freight customers and implemented following a long period of significant growth in freight traffic. The route’s competitive prices and high regularity form the foundation for Scandlines Helsingborg-Helsingör transporting […]

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Growth in cargo traffic continued in Q3

In Q3 2017, Scandlines Helsingborg-Helsingör saw continued growth in cargo traffic, and despite a minor decrease in the number of transported cars, the increasing cargo traffic entailed a higher capacity utilisation on the route’s ferries. Management therefore decided to increase capacity by expanding ferry Hamlet’s sailing schedule by five hours daily.


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